Welcome to my new; first ever, blog.

I have been reading blogs for years and have been inspired by so many. I have been wanting to blog for a while now, so i could inspire you as i have been by others .

I love design, art, DIY’s and styling; so I wanted to create a place to share all my projects; creativity and inspiration. You will be able to  find my work here; as wel as trends; DIY and craft inspiration; tutorials; artists i love and admire and of course trends! Basically i want to share with you all that makes me happy; amazes me or makes me want to start creating!

I am very visual; so i will be using loads of pictures 🙂 and please also check out my pinterest boards and instagram for more pictures and inspiration.

Hope to see more of you! Please don’s hesitate to contact me for any questions or suggestions. I’ld love to share; inspire and be inspired!

Love Janneke