Weekend in the Burgundy; France

StudioJNNK; La Terre; st. Leger du Bois, France

La Terre; st. Leger du Bois, France

This weekend i am so lucky to be in France; in the Burgundy area. If you have not been; i can recommend it! Certainly worth a blogpost later… But now we are here visiting family, and… planning our wedding!! 🙂

We are so excited that we are finally here again now and visualizing all our ideas, meeting with great people and having so many great tips and ideas.. I’ll keep you posted… but for now let me share some pictures of this beautiful house (and garden).

I love the overall atmosphere and feeling of this place!

barns at la terre

the barns at la terre, st leger dus bois, france

It is still early spring (april) so the garden is not very green yet; we are waiting for blossoms! Still a pretty picture! This is taken from underneath the gazebo that is overgrown with kiwi plants.

from underneath the kiwi gazebo at la terre

from underneath the kiwi gazebo in early spring at la terre